At your first visit
Please bring the names and dosages of your medications, copies of any relevant test results and medical documents pertaining to your health concerns. There is an extensive list of questions that will be asked by the doctor regarding your history, current complaints and overall health status. A complete physical examination will then be performed. The information obtained from these procedures contributes to the overall diagnosis and enables the doctor to plan a suitable course of treatment. A standard consultation takes 15-30 minutes to complete. If receiving first treatment right after the initial consultation, the appointment will then last about one hours.

Treatment Course
The number of treatments necessary depends upon the nature, depth and seriousness of the disorder. Other influencing factors include your response to the treatment and how will you follow the Doctors recommendations. Quite often patients should notice some positive changes in their health within six treatments. However, it is important to remember that everybody has a different rate and pattern of recovery.

Once the course of treatment is complete, you may need to return if symptoms re-occur, or if new ones develop. In addition, further treatment for maintenance care or for preventative health measures may be advised.