My gynecologist could not find anything wrong with me after two miscarriages, one at 6 weeks of pregnancy and another at 11 weeks of pregnancy. I decided to try a different medical approach, and went to see Dr. Kelly Kong May in July 2010. After a consultation, Dr. Kelly informed me that my problem was due to my weak Qi/Blood and kidney essence, and prescribed a Chinese herbal treatment for me. She advised me to avoid being pregnant for the next three months to allow the Chinese herbs to take effect and strengthen my body. I fell pregnant after four months of treatment, which Dr. Kelly then followed up by changing the herbal formula to support my pregnancy.

I delivered a healthy baby girl in August 2011. Dr. Kelly suggested that I continue taking certain Chinese herbs for post pregnancy, since my body could be weakened from the delivery, and that of caring for my new born. I took her advice, and my second child was delivered without any problems in January 2013.