I was on contraceptive pills for 12 years, and thought that once I had stopped, I would soon fall pregnant. I later discovered that our reproductive system was not something one can simply switch on and off.

At age 31, I stopped taking the pill because my husband and I were ready to have children, but my period also stopped when I got off the pill, and my blood test showed that my estrogen was very low. I was diagnosed with premature ovary failure condition, and my gynecologist put me on an artificial hormonal treatment to bring my period back for one year, but I still could not conceive.

Disappointed by my western treatment, I decided to give the eastern therapy a try. In June of 2015, I went to see Dr. Kelly, and received acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment. Just after two months of treatment, I fell pregnant.

I would highly recommend Dr. Kelly Kong May to any couple who are struggling to conceive.