At the age of 30 I had my 1st child with a normal healthy pregnancy. After that I just could not fall pregnant again. We tried all sorts of therapies and I started to get very desperate for another child.

We tried IVF for the first time in early 2013. The IVF failed and the Doctor said that my eggs were getting old because of my age (41) at that time. I even started a healthier diet of steamed vegetables like broccoli, spinach, carrots etc. August 2013 I went to see Dr. Kelly May and received acupuncture and Chinese herbs treatment. I tried IVF again in January 2014 and the pregnancy was successful. I now have a healthy baby

After the delivery I experienced anxiety and depression and came to see Dr. Kelly again. She diagnosed me with post natal depression. Again she treated me with Chinese herbs and after 2 weeks of using the herbs I felt like a totally different person.